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Ajman loses to Al Ain with four goals without a response

Al Ain team won over Ajman, with a clean 4-0 victory, in the match held this Friday evening at Rashid bin Saeed Stadium in Ajman, concluding the 16th round of the Adnoc Pro League.

Al Ain team raised their points to 34, securing the second place in the Adnoc Pro League, while Ajman remained at 14 points in the twelfth position.

Al Ain had the upper hand over Ajman in the attacking side throughout the match.

Sofiane Rahimi scored the opening goal for Al Ain against Ajman from a penalty kick in the 19th minute.

Abdulkarim Traore doubled Al Ain's lead with a second goal into Ajman's net, making the score 2-0.

In the second half, Al Ain continued their dominance and possession in the midfield, seeking the third goal against Ajman.

In the 74th minute, Sofiane Rahimi scored the third goal for Al Ain, making it more difficult for Ajman.

The Moroccan star Sofiane Rahimi scored the fourth goal for Al Ain and his third (hat-trick) against Ajman in the 88th minute.

Sofiane Rahimi achieved a remarkable feat by scoring his first hat-trick in the Adnoc Pro League. The match remained a contest between Al Ain and Ajman until the final whistle, with the leader winning with a clean 4-0 victory.

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