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Update from Serbia's Camp

The second day:

The preparation program in Serbia camp continued on its second day and the team conducted two training sessions in the morning and the evening. The morning program included medical, physical and muscular exercises inside the gym.

Tactics and Intensification:

The team received a 45-minute lecture from the technical staff before heading to the stadium to conduct the evening training session, which began with the warm-up process and the application of tactical training. Then the technical staff applied speed exercises to raise the level of physical fitness and concluded with a mini division of two teams in preparation for entering the stage of friction.

First Experience:

The preparation program enters the preparation test phase and the team will play its first friendly match on Sunday evening against the "Kabil Novi" team, competing in the Serbian second division.

Positive Spirit:

The team has an atmosphere of seriousness, enthusiasm and a great desire to provide the best performance. The players showed a high level of commitment and discipline and showed their great willingness to play the matches.

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