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The under 21-year-old orange win Al-Wahda by two clean goals

The Ajman U-21 team achieved a deserved victory over its counterpart Al Wahda Club in the tenth round of the first round of the Professional League in the match hosted by the Orange Castle, where the players presented a distinguished performance crowned with two clean goals scored by the stars Novak and Abdullah Abdul Aziz, so that the team ranked fourth with 18 points, equal with Sharjah Third place in points.

The team presented a good and organized performance that was a witness to the remarkable development in the team's level since the start of the competitions, due to the serious and continuous work of the administration, the technical staff and the players.

National coach Abdullah Noah expressed his great happiness with the team’s development and sent a message of thanks to his sons, the players, in which he said: I hope you will continue to make the effort and play with determination and raise the ceiling of ambitions and not pay attention to the league table in the current period because the league’s journey is very long and it is better to continue until The last breath.

Noah added; We are an integrated system with technical and administrative bodies and players, and we work hard and diligently according to a well-studied plan, under the supervision and continuous support of the Board of Directors. Limited.

Noah added, commenting on a question about his future plan in the field of training. I am still at the beginning of my training career, and I am currently seeking to continue achieving positive results and supporting the first team with young elements that meet the club's ambitions in the future.

At the conclusion of his speech, Noah confirmed that the joy of the positive results achieved by the team recently, we must not forget who was the reason for achieving every success in this club, dear brother Abdullah Al Dhaheri, who we wish him a speedy recovery, God willing

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