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The Orange Star "Firas Ben Arabi"

Firas Ben Arabi, the Orange Star, expressed his happiness to be on the list of nominees for the Best Foreign Player award, he said; "I am very proud of what I did last season, and it was an honor for me to be on the list of nominees for the award. The technical, administrative and medical staff, because they participated in making this success."

Captain Firas linked his brilliance in the previous season with Orange with his presence in the list of his country's national team during the recent competitions. He said: "The exceptional season that I presented and my excellent start with Ajman Club paved the way for me to be with my country's team, and this is an honor for me. I participated in the Arab Championship and we reached the final and presented distinguished levels, and we are now preparing for the World Cup. On a personal level, I work hard to be on the last list." In the World Cup and my goal is to honor my country, and our ambition is to run for the second round and overcome the difficult group that we fell into, and we will give everything we have and we will fight until the last minute.

Captain Firas sees the work in the Serbia camp as very excellent and says: Gradually we are improving on the level of fitness and preparations before the season; And last year we started our camp from here and it was successful.

The star, Firas Ben Arabi, revealed his ambitions for the new season and said: I look forward to presenting a better season than the previous season in terms of scoring goals and to contribute to leading the team to achieve the desired goals.

Firas Arabi sent his heartfelt prayers to our colleague in the media center of the club "Hamdan", who is going through a health problem, and said: We send our prayers to brother Hamdan, who was with us throughout the previous season, and God willing, our Lord will heal him and bring him back to us as soon as possible.

At the end of the interview, Firas sent a special message to the Orange fans, who he described as player number “12” and said to them: Thank you for your strong support with us in the previous season; We look forward to your support in the new season.”

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