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Player "Hamad Al Balushi" opens his heart to the club's media center

Our rising player "Hamad Muhammad Al-Balushi", who is active in the defensive center, has reserved for himself a key position in the squad of our national youth team, thanks to his diligence and perseverance, along with his talent and great seriousness; And he participated mainly in the recent matches against the Saudi national team, Uzbekistan and China, and is preparing to leave with the national team to “Kyrgyzstan” to participate in the Asian Youth Cup qualifiers, in which our national team will face: “Iran”, “Kyrgyzstan” and “Brunei”. We met him in this space and here is the conversation

Representing the national team is his greatest honor and first ambition. The player "Hamad Al-Balushi" expressed great happiness to be on the list of the national youth team traveling to Kyrgyzstan to participate in the Asian Youth Cup qualifiers: "Joining the national team is the greatest honor for any football player, and praise be to God, first and last for my arrival and joining the national team, which is my ambition." the first .

His international participation isn't his first, he revealed that his summoning to represent the young white in the Asian qualifiers is not the first summons he has received; He had previously played in the white shirt in previous stages.

Why was he chosen to represent the national team? Captain "Hamad Al Balushi" believes that the reason behind his selection to represent the national youth team is due to Allah Almighty's will diligence and perseverance of his colleagues in the orange team.

How can our team qualify for the Asian Cup finals? Hamad Al Balushi sent a message of reassurance to the entire sports fans of the honorable appearance of the youth team in the qualifiers held in Kyrgyzstan, saying: “We are determined to present a distinguished level that raises the head of the UAE and are determined to obtain the nomination card for the Asian Cup finals. I am happy with my brothers in the team; he added that they are able to pass the Iranian teams; Kyrgyzstan; And Brunei and going up, God willing, to the 2023 Asian Cup.

What is his ambition? Al-Balushi revealed his current ambition in the stadiums, accompanied by the national team and his club, “Ajman”; He said (I aspire to contribute to leading Al-Abyad to the finals of the Asian Youth Cup "2023" and my success with the national team is my first ambition; and to support my orange team during this season to reach the farthest point possible).

A letter of thanks and an appeal At the conclusion of the interview, the player Hamad Al Balushi called on the sports fans to stand behind the national youth team with invitations to them; He also appealed to the "Orange" fans to continue supporting his team and said, "All thanks to you in the media center and for your interest in the emerging players."

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