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Orange is having its first friendly experience after returning from the outside camp

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Orange played the first friendly match after returning to the homeland after the end of the external camp in Serbia as part of the team's preparations for the league, where the Sharjah team faced it, which ended with Sharjah winning two goals to one after a match in which both sides presented a wonderful and strong performance.

Orange is preparing to enter the competitions under the leadership of the new technical staff, which has supervised the preparations since the assembly, passing through the external camp, where he counts on the latest amendments to have a good and positive impact on the team's performance.

The team's cohesion and homogeneity was evident in this match, which gave a good indication of the camp's success in creating a positive atmosphere and also contributed to creating a team spirit after a group of new stars joined the team.

Orange's preparations for the competitions will continue with all seriousness and high spirits, and our heroes will play hard to achieve the aspirations and dreams of our loyal fans.

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