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Orange faces victory in the second round of the ADNOC Pro League

The Serbian coach, Goran Tovijdzic, confirmed his great confidence in his players before the match against Al-Nasr, the day after tomorrow, in the second round of the ADNOC Professional League.

Goran said in the press conference: "A difficult confrontation awaits us against a strong opponent that we respect a lot, and we have great confidence in the players, and I am confident that we will return with a positive result from Al-Nasr Stadium."

He explained, "We have the ambition to win with the ranks complete, as there are no absences, and all the players are ready to give their best."

He added, "We played well in front of Al Ain and I hope to continue, and Al Nasr has prepared well this season, which is what makes it different."

He concluded: "Our outstanding results against Al-Nasr last season do not mean that the task was easy, and Al-Nassr is a different team now than before."

For his part, Ajman defender Miral said in the press conference: "We are seriously facing victory to get out of a difficult match with a positive result."

He added, "There is no easy match, and the first round revealed the readiness of the teams, and we deal with each match separately to collect the largest number of points."

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