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Orange announces its readiness to meet Al Dhafra

Ajman Club coach Goran Tovgdzic announced during a press conference held to talk about the latest preparations before the start of the Ajman Club and Al Dhafra matches, that the Ajman Club team had enough time to prepare for the Al Dhafra match, where the Ajman Club team is waiting for a difficult match against Manafi Saab, which is the Al Dhafra team whose capabilities and capabilities of its players we respect The distinguished player who played in his last two matches very well, despite all that we trust what the Ajman club team has and believe that we will achieve a positive result and that the Ajman club fans will enjoy this meeting.

Captain Abdullah Abdul Aziz, Ajman Club player, said during his speech at the conference held, that the Ajman Club team is well prepared for the match and has completed all the final preparations to confront the Al Dhafra Club team, and that the match with Al Dhafra Club will be strong, and said that the Ajman Club team aims to achieve happiness. To the fans through the upcoming match.

For his part, Ajman club coach Goran Tovgdzic said, "We tried to maintain the team's shape and arrangement, as some players regained their fitness and recovered from injury, and according to the statistics we have, our team has high fitness and a lot of exercises and that we will be ready to meet Al Dhafra."

He commented in the absence of some of his players, Azzaro and Trawali, that they will not be present at the Al Dhafra match, but there will be alternative players who are waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves and their skill.

In his answer to a question if he will ask a foreign player to play in the team or will he be satisfied with the existing team, where he said that there is no possibility to contract with other players during this period, we will see what are the solutions and now we will focus on playing in the Al Dhafra match well, and then we will think of solutions to these the problem .

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