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Orange achieves a win over Khorfakkan

Orange beat their guest Khorfakkan, in a match full of exciting events, with a score of 4-2, which took place for the 21st round of the ADNOC Professional League. Ajman responded with this victory considering the loss of the first round match against Khorfakkan 0-2.

Ajman raised his score after this precious victory to 28 points, and advanced to eighth place on the ranking list, while Khorfakkan, after this loss, froze at 21 points in eleventh place.

In the first half, the two teams took a good amount of time to weave offensive attempts, after skipping the stereotypical pulse scenes, to find both of them reaching the goal, but Ajman took 24 minutes before Firas Belarbi scored the first goal from an indirect free kick. The referee calculated it inside the penalty area. Khorfakkan players were making double efforts to adjust the result, to achieve this by Elton Philippi, who managed to hit a ball into the net, scoring Khorfakkan's first goal in the 33rd minute. Philippi then tried to contribute to the 40th minute by making his second goal for Khorfakkan but it was successfully scored by Rafael Guimaraes.

Khorfakkan continued their strong attacking presence at the beginning of the second half, and scored a goal that was quickly canceled by the referee due to the presence of an offside case by the player Elton Philippi.

On the other hand, Ajman did not give in to this proposition and in return tried to contain the attempts of his opponent and respond to them through organized offensive attempts. This had the Khorfakkan defense on the lookout, but the substitute player Hussein Abdul Rahman who was pushed by the Ajman coach Goran, succeeded in scoring a goal against Khorfakkan. The equalizer was in the 74th minute, then the match referee was requested to check on the condition of Ajman player - Firas Belarbi and awarded a penalty kick to Ajman. He scored a fourth goal in the 89th minute.

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