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Goran: We respect the Al-Orouba team and deal with caution and seriousness

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The Serbian Goran coach of Ajman team described his team’s match against his guest Al-Orouba on Friday evening in the fourth round of the ADNOC League, as important for the two teams, pointing out that his rival Al-Uruba did not appear at a good level in the first two matches, but his situation was different in the third match against shabab AL Ahli, stressing his full respect for him and dealing With caution and seriousness, he also indicated his great confidence in his team after the reassuring level he presented in the three matches.

Goran said that his team's preparations are good from the reality of the daily training in which he organized, noting that winning is a main goal for Ajman in this match, noting that he was keen to address the mistakes that occurred in the last match, and expressed his complete satisfaction with what Ajman did in the three matches.

He also talked about his rival Al-Uruba, explaining that he is one of the good teams in the line of defense and in the offensive aspect in dealing with the rebounds, and he will be careful in dealing with him in a balanced manner.

Goran confirmed the readiness of all players for the match, with the exception of the left-sided player Walid Al Yamahi, whose readiness will become clear in the last training Thursday evening.

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