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Camp Serbia Daily Message

Morning in the gym:

Orange entered his fifth day in Serbia camp by applying the morning program inside the gym by carrying out various physical exercises under the supervision of Alex fitness coach.

Introductory tactical lecture for main training:

The players received a tactical lecture in the evening on how to control the movements inside the field and master the defensive coverage.

Gameplay test:

After the end of the lecture, the team moved to the stadium and the technical staff stopped applying the tactical ideas included in the lecture and working to test the way the team would play this evening.

The second friendly experience:

The second friendly match has been confirmed at eight o’clock UAE time / six Serbian time; The departure date for the Serbian team’s stadium was set for the confrontation scene, which is about an hour away from the mission’s residence; Four o'clock Serbian time / six Emirates time.

A 'strong' competitor active in the Premier League:

The technical staff intends to make the most of the experience of "FK Radnicki Sremska", the newly promoted team of the Serbian Premier League.

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