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Camp Serbia Daily Message

The fourth day, “Morning Rest”:

Camp Orange in Serbia entered its fourth day; The technical staff gave the players a break from the morning training after their performance in the Kabil Novi friendly match yesterday.

Correction of first friendly errors

In the evening, the team returned to training, which began with stretching, recovery exercises, muscle dismantling, and then conducting warm-up operations, followed by entering into the application of the method of playing that the team pursued in the friendly experience yesterday for more intonation and correcting the mistakes of the match. The exercises were concluded with a mini division between the players.

Belgrade draws bring joy to the players:

The weather was very perfect in Belgrade and the view of the moderate clouds and the freshness of the atmosphere was charming in conjunction with the arrival of the team to conduct training, and this created a kind of joy and enthusiasm among the players and their technical staff.

Proficiency, Excellence and Great Satisfaction:

The players showed a high spirit of spirit and came to the training with high enthusiasm and implemented the training program with distinction; In order for the team to complete the training session with full proficiency, it created complete satisfaction from the technical director and his staff on the successful conduct of the camp program.

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