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Baniyas Defeated the Orange

Baniyas won against its host Ajman, 2-0 in the match that was held today at Rashid Bin Saeed Stadium during the end of the 18th round of the ADNOC Professional League. Baniyas achieved the second victory in a row and raised their score to 25 points, which is currently the same as Ajman club

During the first half we did not witness serious attempts on any of the two goals; Most of the time the ball was confined to the midfield area. Isaac Thalin scored the first goal for Baniyas in the 8th minute from a penalty kick. Walid Azzaro almost scored the equalizer for Ajman in the 13th minute; Lula, the guest guard intervened at the right moment.

In defensive strategy, Issam Fayez hit a powerful shot in the 30th minute, which was brilliantly blocked by Fahad Al Dhanhani - Baniyas goalkeeper.

Ajman players started the second half in an intense offensive manner, Fahd Al-Dhanhani, the guest goalkeeper began by stopping two shots from Mohamed Firas and Walid Azzaro.

The post stands in front of the header of Suhail Al-Nubi, a player from Baniyas, in the 54th minute missed an opportunity for a second goal and Sasha Ivkovic almost added a second goal for Baniyas in the 71st minute; Except that his ball crossed the crossbar.

Nicholas Khemenes finally scored the second goal for the visitors in the 73rd minute, with a creeping shot. Lastly, during the 85th minute we witnessed a great brilliance from Fahd Al-Dhanhani trying to block Boubakar Trawali's shot from a set ball, and the same goalkeeper stands in front of another dangerous opportunity at the same time.

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