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Ajman Shares Points with Guest Baniyas

Ajman and their guest Baniyas shared the points from their draw, with a result of 1-1, in the match that took place on Wednesday evening at the Rashid bin Saeed Stadium. This match was rescheduled from week 13 of the ADNOC Professional League.

Ajman was the first to score in this encounter during the first half through Rafael Dodo, before Baniyas equalized early in the second half through Suhail Al-Noubi. With this result, Ajman increased their tally to 33 points, settling in seventh place on the leaderboard, while Baniyas raised their tally to 25 points, securing tenth place and ensuring their stay in the ADNOC Professional League.

In the first half, Baniyas appeared more active offensively, with their players using shots to unsettle Ajman’s defense. Ajman, in turn, waited for the opportunity to counter their guest's strong attack, waiting until the 26th minute when Rafael Dodo scored the first goal of the match. He capitalized on an error by Baniyas player Gastón Suárez inside the penalty area, facing the goal and shooting into the net. This was Dodo's second goal in the league, which led Baniyas to intensify their offensive efforts to bring the match back to a draw. They had several chances to score, but they fell short due to poor finishing and Ajman’s solid defense.

At the beginning of the second half, Baniyas continued their offensive attempts with increased danger, and Suhail Al-Noubi succeeded in equalizing in the 56th minute. He netted the rebound from a powerful shot saved by the goalkeeper. This goal provided his team with more comfort in handling the demands of this difficult match. It’s noteworthy that Al-Noubi has now scored three goals against Ajman, all at the Rashid bin Saeed Stadium.

Following Baniyas' equalizer, the play from both teams became more concentrated in the midfield, with less offensive extension. The defense played a decisive role in the following minutes, keeping the draw result intact until the final whistle, despite a series of substitutions by both coaches in an attempt to change the outcome in the second half, but to no avail.

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