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Ajman draws positively with Al Jazira

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Ajman imposed a positive tie 1-1, against Al Jazira, in the match that was held at Rashid bin Saeed Stadium, within the confrontations of round 20 of the ADNOC Professional League, so that each team added a point to its score, and Ajman reached the 34th point in the 6th place, which is the same balance of Al Jazira that was present In seventh place.

Ajman had the advantage of possession from the beginning of the first half, and appeared in the defensive areas of the island more, and the most prominent threat came to him; After 15 minutes had passed, through a technical sentence between Muhammad Firas and Ali Madan, but Ali Khasif excelled in banishing Madan’s ball for a corner kick.

In the 18th minute, from a cross from Firas, Ali Madan hit it directly, it passed by the goal, and turned into a corner kick after it touched the Al Jazira defender.

Al-Jazeera appeared in the Ajman penalty area in the 22nd minute; With a shot from Abdullah Traore; The home defender got in just in time for the shot to be turned into a corner.

The last minutes passed the first half; Amid offensive skirmishes from the two teams, it did not rise to a real threat in front of both goals, to end without goals.

Al-Jazira started the second half with a strong threat in the 52nd minute, from a dangerous cross from Ashraf bin Sharqi, but it was not handled well. To miss the opportunity for a verified goal for the guests, and the island continues to pressure him into a dangerous compound opportunity; I witnessed it in the 60th minute, it started with a powerful shot from Khalfan Mubarak, which was removed by the Ajman goalkeeper, and Abdullah Idris advanced inside the penalty area and hit the ball, amid the brilliance of goalkeeper Ali Al Hosani in blocking it, to reach Ali Mabkhout, who fired a strong shot, which was blocked by the Ajman defender from the goal line, and returned to Mabkhout once. A second, but he shot outside the goal; After he lost his balance.

Substitute Florin Tanassi missed the chance of a close goal for Al Jazira in the 80th minute; In the midst of a preference for the guests in most of the minutes of the second half, and in the 85th minute, Al Jazira translates its advantage with the first goal through friendly fire; With a powerful shot from Abdullah Ramadan, Sharjah defender Abdullah Saleh changed its way into the net.

Ajman wasted no time and quickly returned to equalize in the 90th minute through a lightning header from Walid Azaro.

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