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A Tie Between Ajman and Shabab Al-Ahli

The 1-1 positive tie over Ajman and Shabab Al-Ahly match, which took place this evening, at Rashid bin Saeed Stadium, for the 15th round of the ADNOC Professional League.

The Orange ended the first half with a goal that came through by Gambian player - Bubakar Trawali, from a penalty kick he scored in the 26th minute, but the Iranian player - Ahmed Nour Allah managed to equalize just two minutes after the start of the second half.

With this result, Shabab Al-Ahli youth fell to fourth place with 27 points, while Ajman advanced to ninth place with 19 points. The match was executed strong and fast on both sides, and condemned the preference in the first half for the benefit of Ajman, which embarrassed Al-Ahli youth on more than one occasion, which they could have ended the match with a goal ahead.

In the second half, Shabab Al-Ahli youth became active, and was able to score an early equalizer, but after that they were unable to reach the goal of goalkeeper Adel Al-Hosani, except on a few occasions, with the Ajman defense and his goalkeeper starring.

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