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The 16-year-old orange achieves a great victory over Ittihad Kalba and raises its points to 6 points

Ajman achieved a deserved victory over the Ittihad Kalba the competition with 6 goals against 2 in the match that brought them together today at the Ajman Club Stadium in the first round of the U-16 Junior League.

Al-Orange opened the scoring with a goal by Jalal Al-Din bin Majid in the 10th minute of the first half. Kalba in the 57th minute for Saeed Adel to score again, widening the goal difference again in the 67th minute, and pressure continued from the orange until Omar Mohammed managed in the 76th minute to score the fifth goal, then followed by the sixth goal for Ajman. Deserved victory for Ajman, who raised his points 6 points in seventh place.

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