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Ajman Club press conference - Al-Ahly youth

The Serbian coach Goran, the coach of the first team in Ajman Club, announced that he is fully prepared for the match he described as important, in which the orange team will meet the Al-Ahly youth in Dubai at the latter’s stadium within the Professional League Cup competitions, the tournament that has a special place in the hearts of the orange castle fans, and Goran added after the last match we played we had A very big time and enough to address all the previous mistakes and we played two friendly matches in which we worked on observing and analyzing the performance. He said that the match will not be easy for both parties because the opponent is a strong and big team that deserves respect, stressing his confidence in the players and his optimism in their ability to achieve a positive result.

In his answer to the impact of absence on the team’s performance, especially the Tunisian star Firas, who is participating with his national team in the Arab Cup competitions in Qatar, the coach stressed that it is difficult to maintain fitness in this long period of stopping, and this is what we have tried to address with continuous training and friendly competitions, and that there are a number of players in addition to Firas will not participate in the match because they are on loan from the opponent. However, we have excellent options and I trust all the players and their ability to provide a strong and honorable performance.

Goran answered a question regarding the effect of stopping on the team’s results, that there are no specific reasons. When we go through a pause, we maintain the level of the players with strong and continuous training and friendly matches, but there are things that are out of control, such as injuries or the departure of some players to participate with their country’s teams, such as Tarawi before a while and Firas right Now .

And Goran says Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai added, he will play with all his players. As for us, we are missing five players, three of whom are coming from the opponent and two of the players are participating with the national teams, and this will create a state of inequality, but this is football and all players will provide a strong performance.

At the end of his speech, the coach added, “Yes, we have ambitions to achieve the best positions in all competitions, and we play each match separately, and my confidence in the players is very great.”

For his part, the rising player Abdullah Abdulaziz confirmed the great readiness for the match, stressing their ability to present a strong match and an honorable performance that delights the Orange fans and achieves their ambitions.

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