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Ajman Club loses to Sharjah

تاريخ التحديث: ١٦ يونيو ٢٠٢٣

Ajman lost to its host Sharjah with four goals without a response in the match that was hosted in round 16 of the ADNOC Professional League. Sharjah rose to the top of the table temporarily, with 34 points, while Ajman’s balance stopped at point 26 in seventh place.

Sharjah had the advantage of the first half by advancing with two goals without a response, against Ajman, after they entered the match in search of a scoring footprint to secure the match from the start.

Djanini scored the first goal in the 28th minute; after a wonderful pass from Alcacer; Alcacer made the last 3 Sharjah goals in the ADNOC Professional League, and Miralem Pjanic strengthened his team's progress with the second goal from a penalty kick in the 38th minute.

Great excitement from the first minute in the second half; With an attack from both teams, Sharjah seeks to secure victory by increasing the yield of goals, and Ajman aims to reduce the difference, which happened in more than one offensive attempt, from Muhammad Firas and Ali Madan; Amidst the brilliance of Adel Al Hosani, Sharjah goalkeeper.

It is a great skill from Djanini; Who passed more than one player with great skill, and gifted a ball on a platter of gold to his colleague Alcacer, who put it into the net in the 62nd minute, which is the 100th goal for Spanish players in the history of the Professional League, amid constant pressure from Sharjah, who had the advantage after the third goal.

Substitute Salem Saleh consolidated the victory for Sharjah with a fourth goal, in the 88th minute, so that Sharjah would repeat the victory against Ajman, after it defeated it in the first round, specifically in the third round, with three goals to two.

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