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Classes for managers, ground staff and coaching staff on Child Safeguarding and describing clubs policy





Health promotion action aims at making these conditions favorable through advocacy for health to improve quality of life.


Health promotion focuses on achieving equity in health. Health promotion action aims at reducing differences in current health status and ensuring equal opportunities and resources to enable all people to achieve their fullest health potential. 


The prerequisites and prospects for health cannot be ensured by the health sector alone. More importantly, health promotion demands coordinated action by all concerned: by the club’s management, technical staffs and external medical facility 



Competing in games increases the opportunity to experience a sports injury. Therefore, coaches should gain knowledge concerning first aid care and the prevention of injury. When coaches teach their athletes sport skills, these athletes must develop precise technical movements in order to produce peak athletic performance.


Such movements, along with the demands placed on athletes’ muscles when accelerating, decelerating, or changing direction, increase the risk of injury. These performance demands create internal forces on athletes’ bodies and when combined with external forces (e.g., body contact), injury risk can significantly increase. Coaches need to be aware of these potential risks when developing training regimens for participants competing at any level of sport.Ajman Club has awareness session individual for coaches, Medical staffs and Ground staffs in the beginning of all new season


  • Implement regular inspection and maintenance of schedules for facilities and equipment used (Technical manager, Fitness Coach, Ground staff and medical aid)

  • Ensure that facilities exceed regulatory safety standards (Technical manager and medical aid)

  • Ensure that equipment used exceeds regulatory safety standard (Technical manager)

  • Ensure that the installation of new equipment is completed by a professional (Technical manager)

  • Ensure that all equipment used is safe and appropriate for the participants involved in the sport activity (Technical manager, Fitness Coach and Medical aid)

  • Insurance coverage or medical coverage for injured players

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Nutritional Plan 


Our players' parents and sports coaches are doing an incredibly supportive task by just being the sports coaches, but many are doing so much more. Our coaches build relationships with students around a common interest and area of the child’s life where they may see their efforts paying off. 

As our coaches build relationships with the students this helps us to reinforce good study habits incorporating a set amount of reading or studying time prior to each training session. Parents know the importance of daily reading and content-area studying and took it upon themselves to create a time and space for their child to do it between their workouts. In doing that, they conveyed that literacy was as important to them as their child's success out on the pitch.

All student-athletes with a cumulative grade point average 90% and above are recognized with a token of appreciation from the media side exhibiting a photo with their excellence mentioned below.

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